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  1. Still working for me today. I do understand your pain dealing with EN problem, I'm also premium user that absolutely rely on EN for many important tasks, we need EN to work reliably and be transparent when a problem does come up.
  2. As I mentioned before changing the SSL/TSL options in IE didn't help, but the problem went away a few hours later without any change from my side, so it looked like EN Server side problem.
  3. Now it is working for me :-) Thanks for fixing it!
  4. No response from my ticket as well (Windows desktop problem). We need to get this resolved quickly!
  5. Hi, I'm having the same problem today, tried updating the TSL/SSL options in IE but it does not help in my case. Any other suggestions? Thanks
  6. Hmm, more data does not necessarily mean slower, just think of # of web site out there, it grows exponentially every day, but doing a searching on the web does not get slower at all. I understand what EN does with notes is not the same as searching a page on the web, but I want to point out plenty of technology out there are available to make getting data fast even on huge data set. Please bring the slowness issue to the attention of the developer, and get make it a priority to solve it soon so the users are happy and EN is more successful. Hi. Of course, the more you have in your account the slower it will get. But, this is true of any database, even if the speed differences are imperceptible to the human eye until your database gets fairly large. You can find my own reflections on using Evernote at 10,000 notes + here. http://discussion.ev...ce/#entry157875 I plan to write more about this in detail in the coming weeks, but it looks to me that thousands of notes do not dramatically slow down the database, even if they have a lot of content. Attachments seem to affect speed the most. And, they naturally tend to increase the size of your database. This might come as unwelcome news to users of Food, Skitch, and Hello, because these (wonderful) applications are designed to add lots of attachments to your account. Obviously, fairly light users will encounter no problems, but when your database reaches 10 or 20 gigabytes, it will be a concern. I am sure that Evernote developers are dedicating lots and lots of hours to this problem, because they are rolling out Evernote for Business soon, and with the increased upload amounts for each month, I bet we'll see lots of users with massive databases by this time next year. As you said, that will dramatically impact mobile performance, not to mention initial syncs / offline notebooks, which could take several days to complete if Evernote sticks with the current download speeds (my last initial sync of a 25GB account took several days with several sync errors along the way).
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