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  1. I understand the sorts available. If you use page a number as part of title it can sort page by page.If you want to add a page in the middle of you "book" the page would have to be 9a to fit in. If you wanted to a page between 9 and 9a it become cumbersome. If the book went over 99 pages (unlikely but can happen) all the pages would have to be re-numbered 001 unless you did that in the beginning. If EN wants to compete with ON this is one thing to add. I use ON for books and EN for tagging but I could get rid of ON with this feature.
  2. One note allows you to put notes in a specific order. As you look at these notes they go back into the same order. If you were making a "book" and want to read page after page you can do it. EN sorts alphabetically or the last note used. Your most important notes in a notebook can get lost under recent notes or alphabetically. I have photoshop notes in ON and I can read them page by page in a sequence for a particular procedure. In EN the same notes would be re-sorted each time.
  3. Windows10. The edges are pixalated on many fonts, ariel the one I use most. All other programs font are ok. thanks for your help
  4. EN is the only program where the fonts are not smooth. I did not have this problem until recently. I went to advanced settings in windows and the box was checked for "smooth edges". Is there somewhere in EN that i should change? It is very bad of course when I make a font larger.
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