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  1. Yes, thank you, almost immediately. But not being Premium, it's taken a week to get the first contact, which was a request for a log file. I am here seeing if there is local expertise who might recall the structure of the older rev. Anyone? Thanks.
  2. Time to make my own thread, and see if anyone can point me in the right direction on this. It's been 10 days and I'm no closer to solving my missing data issue. Basics: 1) I've used Evernote for eons, and always kept my data local. Never synced, never wanted to. 2) I topped-out at version 3.3.0 and was happily working there until the password reset. 3) I am on Mac, and Lion. 4) I have Time Machine backups of my machine. Once I listened to the prompt and reset my password, my notes were gone. I then upgraded to the current rev (5?) with no improvement. After lurking around here and reading a bit, I used Time Machine to restore back to 3.3.0 again. That worked fine, and I now have a nice, familiar Evernote which is still empty. I've read some useful threads on how to recover data from Time Machine, but the structure mentioned does not exist on my machine, pre-reset. This is the Library/Application/Evernote/data directory folder which is mentioned. That directory is simply not there. So... my question for anyone who might remember 3.3.0 is... where was the data stored at that point? Was the database somewhere else enitrely that I could just go and find? If I was never syncing, the data has to have been SOMEWHERE, and I have backups that cover the whole disk. I just can't find it. Thanks to all who bother to reply.
  3. Hope I'm not hijacking this thread, apologies if I am, and I'll start a different one. Thanks, those links were helpful, and I have learned quite a lot... and gotten Evernote 3.3.0 at least restored back on my machine. However, I'm running Lion, and EN 3.3.0 now, and cannot find the ApplicationSupport/Evernote/data directory they talk about. Perhaps this was elsewhere way back at this version? I'm assuming (!) my data is still around, just trying to locate it. Again, thanks and sorry for cluttering this thread.
  4. They'll only let me have 4 more posts today, so let me make this one count. I use Time Machine, so should have plenty of backups... plus, I'm still not understanding why the update would overwrite my database. But thank you, I will look at the whole backup/restore issue.
  5. I came here as a last resort, and see I'm in excellent company. I've been using Evernote since 2008 (at least) but never sync. Never wanted to. But I have lived my life in this app, and with the password reset I seem to have also lost all of my local, off-line content. To make issues worse, I also listened to the FAQ and updated from 3.3.0 to 5.0.6. Perhaps not my brightest move. I'd love to be able to just roll back to 3.3.0 and get my notes back. My log says I have over 17,000 of them. I'm well and truly lost without this tool, and my data. I've put in a ticket for assistance, but don't know if there will be help forthcoming. Has anyone heard from the company regarding a situation like this? I mean, a solution for those of us who've had an account for years and years (and years) but never synced our data? Thanks to any and all. :-(