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  1. Okay I can forgive them for that. Sounds logical. Still strange that it also uses that HTML formatting when I print files, which is obviously not as it should work. I want the font size 10 and formatting like in Evernote. Perhaps they could make a copy button that makes the clipboard entry such that it is usable in other programs. Thanks again, I'll report if I hear something from support.
  2. +1 for a true fix. I also have this formatting issue when printing to paper or .pdf
  3. Excellent suggestion and thanks for teaching me something new. It automaticly copies to HTML Format for every notebook & note that I have. So that's clearly the problem: It prints like it's in HTML format and also copies like it. I will open a support ticket and refer to this topic and hope they can find a solution.
  4. I had this problem since the day I started using evernote years ago and looking at the forum this has been noted by the developers back in '11 http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/16848-print-font-size-mismatch/ http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/24790-printed-font-still-too-large/ Now the problem is obvious and real clear & simple: When I copy text from Evernote, it copies from font 10 tahoma to 13.5 tahoma in other software such as word. When I print a page or print it to a pdf the font size is also this 13.5 tahoma. See the picture for clarification. It prevents me from developing my system and it's really starting to get annoying now. Especially since after all this time there still is no fix. Developers PLEASE fix this. I don't want to leave Evernote because of this stupid bug.
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