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  1. This is a users board. EN staff post occasionally as time permits. If you want to dialog directly with EN, please submit a support ticket (see my sig) or premium users can use the chat. I have opened two official support tickets and received no responses to either. Bad support. I have given up and have gone to the Samsung Galaxy Note and am using the S-Note app. I have given up and now unfollowing this discussion. Good luck to you patient souls!
  2. Metrodon, I agree that you should open a support case to get more information. In fact I have -- twice -- six months part since being part of this thread and I have received no information from the support or customer service department. No information, nothing, nada! Based on that I have to disagree with your apologetic stance for the company. To be fair, I have had to open a support case for a technical issue after a recent upgrade and I did receive timely advise. The fact that my previous two support cases that was only looking for information is what has left a bad taste.
  3. Check the conversation in this forum called "Penultimate for Android tablets?" This complaint is is long (long time frame, long list of customers waiting). Don't hold your breath, start looking for an alternative product because this company doesn't care.
  4. Well said Pensieveone. 16 months and no acknowledgement to customers is appalling.
  5. I am having a similar problem. Email sent to the default notebook are not ending up there, but they are ending up in a variety of different notebooks - examples "archive" "tm" ".pending" (slightly different behavior than dtmfcc noted above). I've gone into the web client and windows desktop client and all config items look correct. Is there somewhere else to check? FYI: I have three PCs that have the desktop client, and my Android phone and Android tablet also have the Evernote client. Any suggestions?
  6. I now have a co-worker who is new to Evernote raving about Penultimate with his iPad. I'm starting to detest him and his Apple products! Evernote developers --- don't forget about the Android market!!!
  7. First time posting as well. I use Evernote extensively for staying focused and on task using GTD (Getting Things Done and http://www.thesecretweapon.org/ ), to capture notes at client sites, and for all my course material studying for an MBA. I'm a Premium user and I use my Android tools --> Galaxy Tab 10.1 + Nexus 7 + Nexus 4 and a Windows based PC at home. I'm desperate for two things: PenUltimate and the ability to highlight within notes Please get the PenUltimate for Android to market!!!
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