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  1. Thanks! Would be nice to see a feature enhancement around controlling users ability to publish notebooks. An organisation might have a Business Library and this might be things like administration/system/HR polices and they might want to turn off the ability of other users to add/share their notebooks to the library. It could become messy and while I understand its possible to go in and unshare, this means someone has to be constantly checking/monitoring this. Would be better to provide certain users in the organisation with creator rights to the Business Library. RE: Forcing the notebooks, I can understand this. Thanks
  2. Hi There, How does one configure our account/Evernote so that we know who has created a particular note? We have Business Libraries setup which our users can contribute to and others can see this if they have joined that notebook but we can't see who created the note. Any ideas? Thanks
  3. Hi There, Is it possible to control which users are allowed to share to the Business Library? Also I would like our users to use the Business Library folders first instead of creating their own folders with the same name in their Business Notebooks Thanks
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