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  1. I do think the technology is going to be the same with the two different Stylus. It almost seems like Evernote had a deal to sell theirs first, with a time before Adonit sold theirs. Also, the Adonit Pixelpoint is selling for $119. I like the Evernote Script price point better.
  2. While in class, we were using Skitch to pull a picture off of the Web. The teacher is interested in the ability to pull the URL of the image when we "snap" the picture. Is there an easy way to accomplish this? Our workaround is to copy the URL before clicking SNAP, then inserting it as a caption. Thanks, Eric
  3. Would there be a possible way to allow me to send a Skitch directly to PenUltimate on my iPad and not have to save to camera roll, etc.
  4. My Feature Request for PenUltimate: I would love to be able to select text from another app and paste it into my notes. My UseCase for this: Taking notes Sunday @ Church. Pastor References a verse in the bible... I switch to my YouVersion Bible App and would love to be able to copy the selected text and paste it into PenUltimate. Thanks for your consideration!
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