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  1. I just looked over the step-by-step list again and in a desperate attempt I tried using my old email address and somehow managed to remember my old password. All my notes were there and I'm so relieved I could cry. However, I'm still quite curious to what happened? How come I got an email on my new email account, telling me to reset my password? I havent used the old email for years and thought I updated my information - changing the email. How do I make my new email the only email? I have no idea about what happened here and I wish the evernote team would actually help with this problem, as it seems to affecting a lot of people. I would prefer not having to use my old email to log in and to have to go through the vast amounts of ***** that I did thinking I lost two years of schoolwork. According to this new found information I had one account on "HanneHetland" and one on "hanne-hetland", but as far as I can remember I never created a second account, and I've been using the same one for the past two years. The last one is the one connected to my new email, and is also the, now, empty one. Whilst the first one, connected to my old email, is the one that stores all my notes. I havent used that email in at least one and a half years as it got hacked, and I do not understand what has happened here. I would really appreciate an explanation for this and for how to limit myself to just one account. Thanks.
  2. After I reset my password, as told necessary, I lost all of my notes. I have a bunch of tests and finals coming up and I'm desperate to get them back as soon as possible! I sent an email for support two days ago but have still not gotten an answer. After googleing the issue today I realized that this was a problem for many people. I have tried the step-by-step list posted as a reply to several of the posts concerning the same issue (about logging in with your username, not your email, to retrieve your notes), but it didn't help me. The same "welcome to evernote" note is now the only note on my account. I have been freaking out about this for almost three days now and I am getting seriously worried my notes will never be retrieved. I used evernote for the sole purpose of not losing my notes in case anything happened to my Mac, and I can not put into words how disappointed I am about these resent events. The evernote team has not even been bothered to answer my email, and I am hugely disappointed. Does anyone know any alternative ways to get the past two years of school work back? It syncs automatically so I'm assuming they are saved somewhere, but how do I retrieve them? Any help would be greatly appreciated as I have three huge tests within the next two days and everything that I need to prepare for them were written in evernote.
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