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  1. Just installed Backupery, seems really cool! Only thing is that backup is only daily, but oh well, worst case scenario is a few hours lost, that's not to bad... I was able to download and install without paying, though I see a "buy" button on their website and there seems not to be a free version: I guess I'll be asked to pay later on?
  2. Thanks for your answer DTlow! I will try Backupery I think.
  3. How do you do that? The goal would be to have backups that sync at least every hour I suppose?
  4. Hi DTlow, thanks for your answer. I did indeed subscribe to Premium for a month the first time to recover history, and history wasn't even complete... I felt obligated to go to premium and not even having my solution really fixed. But what bothers me more is the future: I now live in the fear of seeing my most precious notes disappear for ever... I'll submit a bug issue.
  5. Hi, This is the second time I'm having a BIG issue. - First time, the content of one of my note was simply remplaced by the content of another note, without any action from my part: I lost the content of the initial note... - Second time, a few moments ago, the content of two of my notes my swapped. That is to say: I originaly had note with title A and content A and not with title B and content B, and now I have note with title A with content B and note with title B with content A... The second time at least I didn't loose the content of my note, but I got really scared and I started to seriousely doubt the reliability of Evernote. I've been using Evernote for years without this type of issues, but I think that if I see it one more time I'll have to swith to a new more reliabable solution. If there is ONE thing we can expect from a note taking software, especially as mature as Evernote, is that it actually KEEPS your notes SAFE and doesn't just overwrite randomly their content.... Help/solution here would be greatly appreciated, other than that I have no particular reason to quit Evernote.
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