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  1. i think you misunderstood. i wasn't trying to search for a tag. i was trying to add tags to a note. i usually do this by typing in the "add tag" area above the note. if i drop the % then it will only display tags that strictly start with what i type. e.g. if i type 2016, only 2016plan will show up, but not plan2016.
  2. i'm not sure what you mean. why windows search?
  3. i evernote on both windows and android. on android when i'm tagging notes i can type % as a wildcard and then type any part of the tag and all tags that contain that string will show up. i.e. %2016 will return "plan2016" "project2016" etc. all i have to do is simply tap on the one i'm looking for. this is very handy as i don't always remember how my tags start. however on windows ( this doesn't work exactly the same. the related tags will show up but i can't select them. if i click on them i will end up having the string "% followed by the string i typed" as a new tag. i have to delete everything and retype the tag completely. it still works but i feel like this is some kind of bug. does anyone else have the same problem? did i miss something? or is it actually a bug?
  4. Auto selection of child tags can be disabled in options. You can also hold shift while clicking on a parent tag. This way no child tag will be selected. Auto selection of child tags can be disabled in options. You can also hold shift while clicking on a parent tag. This way no child tag will be selected.
  5. i can see that would be quite annoying. i can also see why the all tags view would be helpful to this but since it's officially gone with no plans to come back there must be a good reason they got rid of it that outweighs this. i think it's always a good idea to make your system dependent on less feature than more, anyway. i started using tags before the all tags view came out so i'm actually used to this problem you have. i simply named my tag groups in such ways that the same level of divisions are always close to each other. thus every time i move a tag it will not cross over too many tags. for example, if you have "projects open" and "projects closed" buried in a list of a whole bunch of other project tags named "project aaa/mmm/yyy", you can simply add a symbol at the beginning of the first two tags, so they both stay on the top of the list above every other project tags. like this: Projects (main parent tag) #projects closed #projects open projects auto projects home projects taxes projects writing etc. of course you may still have the problem moving from say projects writing which is always at the bottom, up to projects open if there are too many groups in between. but there also can be other ways you can rearrange the groups so there aren't too many sub groups on the same level.
  6. hundreds of tags should not be too hard to manage. i have more than 5k tags but i came up with a system of my own to organize them. i can reach any tag within 4 clicks and i don't have to memorize anything specifically. maybe you should start doing the same. someday you may have thousands of tags as well. the all tags page can't be that much better than the list. a simple system is to create a parent tag for each letter in the alphabet. then move all your tags under these parent tags alphabetically. this way you will have 26 parent tags and if you have averagely 20 tags under each parent, that's more than 500 tags right there. what i do with mine is, if you're interested, first i classify my tags into 4 categories which are led by these 4 parent tags: ! action, " project, * topic, and / content. (i start all my tags with a symbol to have sort of an auto group effect, note the space). action means how i will be using the notes, such as !read, !fill, !checkout, etc. a project is a particular group of notes that i keep together, for example: "55WLtenant, which means profiles for all the tenants who have lived or are living in my house at 55 Wonderland. topic is pretty self explanatory. when i clip a page from the web or write an article myself i tag it with all the topics that it relates to, like *food, *music, *london, *politics, etc. content is the general description of what a note is, such as /journal, /todo, /question, /receipt, /photo, and so on. i have two more levels of subdivisions to further classify some of these groups. for example, under " project i have "family, "business, "property, etc. under "family i have "parents, "kids, "relationships. and under "relationships i have "2015CBbday which was a project to throw a birthday party for my girlfriend. (i'm keeping all these notes so i can recycle the ideas with my next girlfriend, smart eh?) when i create a tag, all i have to think about is what kind of a tag it should be, and then mark it with the according symbol. this way it will automatically appear right under the parent tag it belongs to. and i drag it into the parent tag or the sub groups to tidy up. that's all. having symbols at the beginning of every tag also gives me freedom to create tags with the same simple word if they are in different categories. for example if i clipped an article about family and tagged it with *family, this will not interfere with my "family project group. when i want to access a tag i start from the parent tag and select the subdivision from a list of about 10 and then another level of subdivision from about 20. my target tag will now be listed among some 20-50 other tags in numerical/alphabetical order. since i built this system myself and tailored all the group names to make the most sense to me, this selecting process is all very natural and smooth. i can find any tag within 2-5 seconds. if i use certain tags very frequently and want to find them faster, well that's what shortcuts are for, isn't it? hope this helps.
  7. nvm. i found a stupid work around. i kept creating new notebooks on my android until i got 250. then i started sync windows client and went to bed. this morning i had all the books synced. i don't ever have to create new books again. just have to put all the unused books in a stack and take one out and rename it when i need to.
  8. now just the new notebook syncing time problem. anyone?
  9. You're aware that Evernote by default has a 'search as you type' interface, so manually typing T...e...s...t in the search box starts looking for all notes starting 'T', then 'Te', etc? It's possible to switch that behaviour off if it's a problem... problem solved. thanks.
  10. i have the same problem. after i create multiple notebooks on my android, the sync time on the windows version can be as long as 10 minutes, during which evernote becomes completely unresponsive, even if those new notebooks are all empty. also everytime i type in the search box, evernote freezes for a few seconds as soon as i type in the first two letters. however, when i ctrl-v an entire word or phrase to the search box there's no delay at all.
  11. just reached this limit today and i googled this thread. i'd like to add one more thing that books do but tags don't, which is an unimaginably huge pain in the ass for me. that is, notes can only belong to one book. yes, sometimes this is useful, people. i'm a researcher and i use evernote to track my experiments. each of my stacks represents one experiment. each book in a stack is a phase/step/test in the experiment. and each note is a sample. man do i have a lot of samples. now, after a sample have passed a test/gone through a phase...etc, i move it to another book. this usually happens to hundreds of samples simultaneously. with books i have no problem. when i move the notes from one book to another, they disappear in the old book and appear in the new book. but if i use tags instead of books, here it comes: when i "move" hundreds of samples to a new tag, they are not actually "moved". the new tag is simply added on besides the old tag. i have to go through these hundreds of samples one by one to remove the old tag. and i can't just delete the old tag because i still have other samples under that test/phase/procedure. i can't use local books either because i need to access the information on many different computers. so, is there another way to do this or am i just screwed?
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