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  1. Thanks for the response, gazumped. I am not a developer; I had only ever heard "it's a feature not a bug" in a humorous context but I gather from your post there is a technical definition of 'feature' that does not imply a benefit to the user but simply states "the software is known to operate in this manner." Nonetheless, a "sync" that loses a lot of information (and yes it was not just formatting but information because along with losing all 'to do' check boxes it also lost which ones were checked) is not really a sync and I would think should not be released in a consumer product or at
  2. "Feature not a bug" ... you cannot be serious. I just opened Evernote on my android device where an announcement touted all the great new 'handwriting' stuff. I actually took a moment, familiarized and tried it out. Only to find when I synced that on my mac my ENTIRE to-do list has now lost formatting? This is epic failure rollout. Developers need to learn from the physicians: first do no harm. If it was working fine before, and you introduce a new "feature" I never asked for at the cost of what used to work no longer working ... you will lose users. I like Evernote. Please don't b
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