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  1. I'm not sure what you are referring to here, as in my second post I stated explicitly: "Additional info: I completely deleted the app and support files and did a fresh install." You seem to be jumping in assuming users haven't tried the basic fixes. Perhaps many haven't. But before I post in a forum I have generally tried everything obvious (re-start, update, re-install, rebuild preferences, etc.)
  2. Okay, I found the culprit. It seems when Evernote 'upgraded' and 'updated' my notes, the program somehow created a 500 page note out of my original 1-page daily to-do list. This 500 page note was just the original content looped many, many times with some message about conflicting content or something. I copied out the stuff I needed and got rid of the extra stuff, now it's working. But this does seem a moment to point out... someone will jump on me and say "It's free so stop whining" but honestly the lack of *any* support unless I am a "Premium" member does not convince me to become a Premium member - the sales pitch amounts to "Does this suck? Pay us some money to make it suck less." Which is kinda how organized crime and large monopolies operate. Instead such policy just tends to send me elsewhere. Just discovered the open-source Notational Velocity and it's offshoots. So long Evernote. It's been real for a couple years. Hope this post helped you if you are having the same problem I was.
  3. Well, I guess glad to know I'm not the only one. I just updated my Mac OS hoping that would clear the problem but it has not. Sounds like the same thing - typing speed is actually reasonable but return, backspace, tab... each of these causes the program to grind temporarily to a halt.
  4. Additional info: I completely deleted the app and support files and did a fresh install. Getting the same behavior. Here is some more detail: typing is okay, but the second I hit return, or backspace (delete) or the shortcut for checkbox I get a lag and sometimes a spinning beachball. Anyone else experiencing this or know of any way to fix it?
  5. Not sure which update did this but lately on my Evernote app on my Mac Pro (2012 model) when I tick a checkbox or type there's a ridiculous lag time. To the point where it's not really useful. First noticed when I'd check a "to do" box and nothing would happen. Then I'd check it again only to see the program check and then uncheck the box. I've been using Evernote for a few years. Anyone else having this problem? I don't know what's going on 'under the hood' but simple typing, in 2014, should not tax a processor. My Evernote (Evernote 5.6.2 ) is up to date. Thoughts? Suggestions? Thanks.
  6. Agreed with all of above. Please please add this feature. My main office has 1920x1080 monitors and the note font is tiny. However if I size it up it's too large on devices. Zoom would solve this. If you do add consider keeping mac-consistent keyboard shortcuts of "⌘+" to zoom in and "⌘-" to zoom out.
  7. Thanks for the response, gazumped. I am not a developer; I had only ever heard "it's a feature not a bug" in a humorous context but I gather from your post there is a technical definition of 'feature' that does not imply a benefit to the user but simply states "the software is known to operate in this manner." Nonetheless, a "sync" that loses a lot of information (and yes it was not just formatting but information because along with losing all 'to do' check boxes it also lost which ones were checked) is not really a sync and I would think should not be released in a consumer product or at very least with a warning. I'd rather not be able to edit notes on my mobile device, or only be able to create new notes which I could later merge in the office, than have information disappearing without warning and irretrievably (unless I pay for a premium upgrade) on a product that claims to be "cross platform" and who's marketing line is "Remember Everything." So I hope they read this or that you will pass this bit of feedback along.
  8. "Feature not a bug" ... you cannot be serious. I just opened Evernote on my android device where an announcement touted all the great new 'handwriting' stuff. I actually took a moment, familiarized and tried it out. Only to find when I synced that on my mac my ENTIRE to-do list has now lost formatting? This is epic failure rollout. Developers need to learn from the physicians: first do no harm. If it was working fine before, and you introduce a new "feature" I never asked for at the cost of what used to work no longer working ... you will lose users. I like Evernote. Please don't break it.
  9. Update: I did finally find the Trash but it's mixed in with all the other notebooks and easy to miss. I can move it to the left sidebar by dragging it to my shortcuts, but I'll leave this post up as a suggestion that Evernote (Mac) might want to make this appear by default on the left (with the other icons) or at least as a contextual menu option to have it appear there. In other words, make it easier to find Thanks!
  10. Heya! I am having exactly this issue and I did think to look for the Trash - only I can't find it! (This is on the Evernote Mac desktop app.) It's not in the left panel, and a cntl-click brings up the option to display things, but no trash (see image.) I'm sure it's obvious, but please help. Also, the reason I accidentally deleted said note was I accidentally added a reminder ... when I went to delete the reminder it deleted the whole note. Could not find a way to remove the reminder. I've been happy with Evernote but today am not finding the interface intuitive... Thanks!
  11. Technical support helped me track this down to a login keychain with incorrect permissions set. Problem has been resolved.
  12. Hello, I guess the topic title says it all. The Evernote app on my Mac used to remember my login and log me in whenever the program launched. Now it asks for my password every time it launches. I have tried trashing the user preferences files but the problem persists. I cannot find any preference setting that would have gotten changed. Thanks for your help. Running latest version of Evernote for Mac (Version 5.0.6) on Snow Leopard (10.6.8)
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