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  1. It's a head scratcher to be using an M1 compatible version of Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop but not Evernote. As a workaround, I'm using a PWA version of Evernote which runs quite nicely. Hopefully Evernote will step up on this and if there's a beta, happy to test.
  2. Running the beta on the new MacBook Pro (M1 Chip), it seemingly stalled on the initial loading screen and I finally shut the app down at around the 20 mins point. The same thing happened on an older MacBook Air running Big Sur but after giving the application full disk access, it immediately loaded. It then immediately loaded on the new MacBook Pro and it also immediately loaded on a Win 10 Surface machine. So after the minor hiccup, everything is running smoothly so far. I'm guessing it was more of a Big Sur issue but I did notice the beta is not a universal binary and so it's running in emulation on the new MacBook.
  3. I'm having the same problem with a note that won't delete, won't load, won't move, won't merge, won't edit, and I tried uninstalling Evernote on the device where the stuck note is. I also tried all the above from the original device, from another device, and from the web site. One thing in particular about this note was it created from the iPhone camera app with a picture and some notes about the picture. The note got uploaded but didn't include the picture - I tried the picture from the camera roll as well.
  4. Yes I realize Evernote sync isn't device to device but clearly there's an issue with the new iOS version server sync process that's not being properly detected by Android or Windows version of Evernote. By the way, problem does not occur on two iOS devices running Evernote 10.0; the sync worked fine in that case.
  5. The new iOS version of Evernote (10.0) fails to sync properly with other versions including Android & Windows. To duplicate the bug, make a new note on the iOS version, put in a title, and type or paste some text. Hit the green check to save and then open Evernote on Android or Windows; you'll only see the title and not any of the text as seen in the screenshot. If you go back to the iOS version and edit the text in the note, the Android version might show the text but only to the previous first edit. The error does not occur in reverse though; if you create the note on Android, it will sync properly with the iOS version as long as you don't edit the note on iOS.
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