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  1. I support this post too. Annotation (the built-in Skitch functionality) in the Evernote App on my iPad Pro is too laggy to be usable with an Apple Pencil. I know it's possible to do better than this: In frustration, I installed a few other iOS apps, and found a responsive PDF-annotation app within five minutes. Pretty much everything I have is stored in Evernote, so please consider adding Apple Pencil support in a future Evernote iOS App release.
  2. I found this link in the Activity Log: http://update.evernote.com/public/ENWin5/ReleaseNotes_5.3.1.3363_en-us.html To save you the mouse click, here are the details: Evernote for Windows Release NotesImprovements:New user checklist teaches business users about Evernote for WindowsNew Notebook picker. You can now type to select notebooks throughout the appImproved search for Korean charactersEmail confirmation: Users can now verify that their email address is correct and up to date within Evernote for Windows. This helps us make sure we can send you reset password emails and other important informationFixes:Sync fix for Yinxiang Biji (印象笔记) usersFix for sync error with Evernote International users in ChinaFix for installer issue on Windows Vista x64修复5.2版中个别用户遇到的同步失败问题(建议注销并重新登录)修复5.2版中每月上传流量不自动恢复的问题对于Windows客户端前一个版本中出现的同步问题以及由此带来的不便,我们深表歉意。如果你还有任何问题,请随时点击“帮助→用户支持”联系我们。感谢你对印象笔记的支持!
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