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  1. I recently decided to use EN much more in organizing my life. Having lived through every other system that syncs devices and "clouds", my first worry is the company folding. Second worry is EN getting bought by a company that ruins the product. Finally, there's EN destroying the product by adding too much junk. If the developers think this is unnecessary or complicated, then I say leave it out. And I use tables heavily in Word, but I can edit in Word and copy to EN. That's my opinion.
  2. I ordered a silver one. If I like it I'll get other colors. I have an orange Bamboo and a blue Jot. Really like all the color options.
  3. Actually, I found the jot to be a little easier after some practice. Regarding the Hand sylus, it comes with a lanyard... Is that just to keep it attached to the ipad? In other words, that isn't required to use the sylus I imagine. Thanks for the recommendation! Having just started with handwriting on my ipad, I have an early model and wonder if this all works better on the new model (except for software not being available.) I've tried other apps, and without a good palm protector, I can't imagine how anyone draws without resting the hand on the ipad screen. Anyway, off to order a Hand... My other question is about the Bamboo, which is pretty good but it also makes weird tapping noises, as if the rubber tip collapses and makes noise. Hard to describe, but that's one issue I have with it.
  4. I just got the Jot Pro, and so far it is awful for writing. I'd love to hear if anyone else has figured out how to write letters without the disc clobbering them. I really don't see how one can write with this product. Any letters that have up & down motion seem to get messed up by the disc. I'm trying the Bamboo next.
  5. I'm considering using Evernote more for holding my paper documents, receipts, etc. Technologies and companies come and go. What's the best way to protect against the Cloud being unavailable, or Evernote closing up shop? For complete redundancy, do you keep local copies of the notebooks, or use the Export feature somehow? Obviously I can hold onto the paper copies of important documents. I'm currently trying to extract info I've stored in another app that required a license, which of course expired a minute before I needed it, and I've been bitten enough by periodic lurches in Apple's scheme. I'm very impressed by Evernote and I mean no offense here, but I'm wary of becoming dependent on another one of these companies. Appreciate any tips or pointers to existing posts on the topic.
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