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  1. Hate, hate, hate this upgrade....I have for last 2 years had an album created for each month as a daily diary....loved it and loved to be able to see my thumbnails of my monthly notes. I never missed a day that I didn't do a little drawing, placed a photo and just noted the activities of the day as well as reminders of my days...just musings.... now without any instructions my month of November is one long scroll that Penultimate didn't bother saying was to be looked at by placing 2 fingers and scrolling....really?????? how incompetent and such nonsense. Why for what ever reason did they change something that worked so well and was a really great product...in the name for change for change sake????? Please bring back the albums with pages that you can just flip and give me back my thumbnails of my pages in my albums....So glad that I did convert them to pdf docs and have them to look at...but now it is just a long scroll that doesn't even scroll but contains long colorful lines and marks. Hate this upgrade!!!!! I have lost my daily routine and it really stinks!
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