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  1. I'm sure. And, as I say, I wouldn't bring it up if it had been looked at but to get that email on Saturday morning while I was looking at a stack of papers to scan, it was annoying. I think it's quite funny that if they hadn't done this to my account, I would have been able to get them to fix what they did to my account without waiting three days. Three days so far and quite funny, to an extent.
  2. Thanks. I got a ticket after a second email: that's #323718 and I paid via the Mac App Store on 24/1/14. I've got the receipt with a timestamp of 19:01. You have to wonder if it's the Mac App Store, but I was prompted to pay that way by the Evernote Mac client which thereafter stopped bugging me to renew. I did notice that the iPhone and iPad Evernote apps both continued to prompt me but I'm afraid I just thought that was a bad advert for your syncing. I said this in the email and I mean it: Evernote is a tremendous service but when it goes wrong, it splats. So very, very annoying to have hesitated about renewing and then decided to because I needed to do a lot of scans. I'm sure it'll be sorted and I'll get Premium back but I presume I'll get back these days and I'd appreciate a few more for the chasing I'm having to do. Can you look at a grace period for support requests from people who appear to have ceased to be Premium users? When it goes wrong like this, this is when you want to get the quicker support you've paid for. Thanks for your help, William
  3. You pay to renew, you get the confirmation and they switch you off anyway. I'd not mention this here because it's plainly a mistake and these things happen, but I got no response at all from my reply to Evernote's email telling me my account was reverting to free. I've since emailed support directly and got an automated acknowledgement. But I've had no answer yet and I can't use the online support - - because allegedly I'm not a Premium user. I do understand that people who pay get a quicker response but that's the aggravating problem: I have paid! It's three days now and, of course, I had been planning to upload a lot of documents this weekend. I read a novel instead, so. William
  4. It's a typical red notification badge with a 1 in it but I simply cannot see how to find out what it's notifying me or of how to switch it off. It's distracting enough that I would uninstall and reinstall but if it's a real notification, presumably I'll just get notified of whatever it is again and be back here. Any ideas, please? Thanks for any help, William
  5. Actually, it can be a problem: my last crash happened before Evernote synced with the cloud so, yes, I lost data. It was a choice between hoping Evernote would magically un-crash or sacrificing a note in order to continue working. The note was an audio recording so it was significant and the crash was such that I couldn't get in to the note to try doing anything. Not sure what I could've done, really: I'd have copied-and-pasted any text from the note but presumably I couldn't have copied out the audio. It does mean that I am a little wary of recording anything into Evernote; I'd rather do it elsewhere and drag it oh than risk another crash. No idea if audio caused the problem, but whatever did, I lost my data. So Evernote's cloud syncing isn't a panacea.
  6. Evernote for iOS 7 is gorgeous but could you put a search option back on the front screen, please? I appreciate that the screen is packed but, personally, I'd dump the buttons for creating a tick list or a bullet-point one: I'd be surprised if many people would choose those first. I suspect it's rare that a note is entirely a bullet- or tick- one so if I'm right, most people hit "Type a quick note" and think about bullets and ticks later. One can obviously debate whether there is room, but you know there's a need. Currently I have to go into a note, any note, then tap the magnifying glass at the top, then type. I keep going into Notebooks instead and having to back out, then go into a note and it's just a bit tedious. Thanks, William
  7. Same here on iPhone 5 with iOS 7.02. Right from the start of iOS 7 it's had screwy errors with the latest note not appearing on the front page as the latest note but in the last few days I've begun having this unresponsive issue. Usually there is no reaction to any tap. Tonight it let me start a note and type the first letter of it before it hung completely. Restarting the app, it did the same thing: start a note and type literally the first letter, then hung. The note doesn't save, either. As I've been writing this, I've deleted and reinstalled the app. W
  8. Solved. It wasn't the password, despite the error message. It was that I was using Skitch 2.5 when the current one is 2.6.2 – and the two-step authentication stuff must've been added between the two. Fine. But stopping the application working and giving me the wrong message is so Windows, isn't it? So it's naff but it's solved and I'll just leave this here in case anyone else searches for this answer like I did. William
  9. Folks, I can't get Skitch to sync on my iMac because it keeps telling me that my password has seemingly changed. It hasn't. I even copied the password out of 1Password and pasted it into here to login to the forum and it worked, it just wouldn't then work in Skitch. It must be the first time I've used Skitch on here in some months but I've been working away on it all day on my MacBook. Actually, hang on, I didn't have it on my MacBook first thing: I had to download it, login once, and then I worked all day. Is that what I have to do here? Delete it and start again? Didn't we just do this with Evernote Food? Thanks for any help of advice, William
  10. >> It's definitely available in the UK. Is there not an option to turn on Two Step in your Evernote Web security settings? That is so interesting: I realise now that I simply never go to evernote.com. Never. I use the Mac, iPhone and iPad apps and I just never even think to find a reason to go to the website version. But I have now and you're right, there it is. Great, thank you so much. Do you know, I swear I watched an Evernote video about two-step authentication and still I didn't learn that it was on the site version? I'll go set it up this moment. Thanks again, William
  11. I have many, many JPEGs of magazine articles that I put into Evernote back in February and are not OCRd: I think it's time to call support. After I've retyped this text! Thanks, William
  12. Hi, Could you explain why some JPEG images get OCRd and others don't? I'm a Premium user and I see it working often, but not at all consistently. I have JPEGS that are months old and have synced everywhere but are not OCRd, while I have one from 20 days ago that has. Just now, for instance, Microsoft Word froze on me and I had to force-quit it, losing some 400 words. But I could take a screenshot first and I did: a specific grab of exactly the text area and nothing else. Popped that into Evernote and... so far... nothing. I did eventually realise that OS X screengrabs are in PNG by default so I've changed that shot to JPEG and popped it back into Evernote but... so far... nothing. This isn't a complaint, it's purely a bewilderment: if I could just understand when it will or won't OCR and have some concept of how long it would take, I'm sure I'd be reliant on it all. As it is, I have of course now spent longer researching why it wasn't working than it would've taken me to retype the text myself. William
  13. Is this for US-based Premium users? I'm in the UK, and a premium user, but for all I keep hearing about it, I don't have it. Thanks, William
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