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  1. Um, they *do* allow users to encrypt text. EN has never purported to be a password manager type application. If you need to store sensitive info, you can either encrypt it yourself or use a true password manager type application. I know that... but what about people that want to go paperless and store lots of sensitive PDF documents in Evernote?! Allowing optional encryption of Notes or whole Notebooks has got to be a good thing. Why are you against it? The EN team needs to grow up. EN as a tool for going paperless is worthless if there's no dedication to security. The refusal to allow secure storage because "we wouldn't be able to do all the cool stuff if we can't index notes" reduces EN to storage only for trivial content that you don't care to be insecure. The lack of 2 pass authentication is even more lame. EN would be able to offer exactly the same benefits with an additional layer of authentication. It seems lack of priority, or maybe even lack of understanding. Why not let customers decide? offer optional 2 pass authentication, and offer optional security storage of notes. Let customers decide what they want. We can figure out the trade-off between notes that need more security and notes where we don't care. I hope this breach was a wakeup call. I love EN, use it extensively, but if there's not more dedication to security, i'll move on to something else. If needed, i'll trade the user friendly EN for something less user friendly and much more secure.
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