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  1. Hi, Thanks for your reply. Actually I only see this notice when clicking on the tab at the top of the Evernote screen - the tab immediately next to the Sync tab - labelled "Activity". When clicking on it, up pops a small window telling me when the last sync took place, and telling me about the conflict. Clicking away from it closes it. It is of no real concern, but I'd just like to get rid of that notice. (Described in my post above).
  2. Hi, When clicking the Activity tab in my desktop Evernote, I get this message: "There was a sync conflict with [name of note], your version of the note is in Conflicting Changes". Problem is that when I click on the link in that message [name of note], a box pops up saying: "This link refers to a note that no longer exists". I obviously deleted the note some time back. Problem is I don't have a Conflicting Changes notebook either! I realise that the conflict was probably caused when I made a change in my Galaxy S3 without syncing properly, hence the error now on my desktop. Question is, how do I get rid of that message? There is no Conflicting Changes notebook to access and no message by that name exists anymore! Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks very much
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