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  1. Up until this point I haven't used Evernote too much due to the terrible ability to expand/collapse lists. This seems like such a core function to what Evernote is. Forget Hello, Skitch, Food etc. They aren't core. It would be nice if Evernote would a) give more visibility into their road map and use UserVoice or something similar to let their users influence the road map. They would be far more successful if they did this. Evernote does a lot of things very well, but this is just such a basic need and I don't know if I can ever use it extensively without something like this. Workflowy is so basic, but does this sooo beautifully. I can't imagine the Workflowy concept is too hard to implement. I think it is silly to say people should use a different app to construct outlines... outlines are core to so many things and the whole point of Evernote is to have everything in one place. This is a note taking app... notes ARE outlines. How well you can take notes should be the number one thing they should be paying attention to. It wasn't until recently that you could even create a basic outline. I understand the limited resources, but they raised a ton of money last year and they are rolling out far less important things. Please Evernote listen to us I am begging you!!! I fully agree with David Heimer when he says: I'm amazed by several items in this thread: 1. Like me, many people assumed Evernote would have standard outlining functionality. 2. Evernote DOESN'T have standard outlining functionality. 3. Despite a large number of Evernote users saying how much want this functionality, the Evernote people commenting don't seem to care, which is odd. Typically paying attention to what your users want is a good idea.
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