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  1. I feel very strongly that this feature would be a great addition to Evernote Business. I am not thinking of a high volume system like Reddit, but consider the type of comment / discussion capability in most corporate Wiki or Sharepoint sites. There are just a few linked posts in each thread and rarely get action a month after the initial post. If each note were an individual post and not try to overload the note as a thread itself, then the client application can interpret the notes and apply the linkage that creates threaded discussions, likely keeping the thread ID in the note's metadata for faster performance. Dan
  2. I would love to see a new feature: a discussion notebook type. It would be simply a notebook that has a built-in organization to all notes that mimics the standard type of discussion forum. Because of the limit on notebooks, I would suggest each notebook be akin to a whole forum (ie multiple discussions and topic areas) rather than simply a discussion board per notebook which would likely become overwhelming. The key requirements would be that each note could be a reply to a previous note, so internally some linking would be maintained. We currently have very limited discussions by simply adding a block of text (sometimes in a 1x1 table) with the author and date included. This of course leads to problems when a discussion is very active and too many people are trying to edit the same note. This seems ideal for a Premium / Business feature! Thanks! Dan
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