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  1. I embedded a .pdf in a note and the icon is a huge, screen-width rectangle in the middle of my page. Is there some way to reduce this? An alternate way to attach it that doesn't eat all the screen real estate? Thanks!
  2. Hi, I have evernote 6.5 installed on my Mac, and I basically have never been able to open an encrypted doc on the Mac. Did anyone ever solve this problem? File was originally created in the Windows environment. Thanks
  3. I'm a premium user who did not receive an email -- learned about this on Gizmodo. The search engine was not able to find any reset info for "android password" or "android login" -- but Google could; within the Evernote Knowledge Base. Having to unload and reload content on my smartphone in order to enter a new password is poor software design; people have been complaining about this for a year. Time for a more robust security model -- as many people here have called for. Evernote follows other vendors' practice of having a major problem at the end of the week, then not staffing their Helpdesk over the weekend to deal with it.Not ready for the enterprise...
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