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  1. 1. And if you want document processing but not auto capture as it was a long time ago? This auto capture has annoyed me ever since it came. I have to take two or three captures for every picture to be assured that at least one of them is clear enough. This is because I can't decide when the picture is taken and a lot of times the picture is taken when I am still moving the camera to the right position. I really do want to choose myself when I am ready to take the picture. 2. As far as I understand the document processing does some OCR recognition that is not done with the other picture type you mention where there is no auto capture? 3. Why is the format .png when auto capturing and .jpg with the other picture option? .jpg gives smaller files with the the same picture quality so it should be better?
  2. It was MUCH better before when the multishot mode wasn't automatic. Now when automatic it tries to "guess" when I am ready to take the picture, whether I have put the camera as close to the paper as I intend to and so on, which results in that the Evernote camera takes the picture when I am still moving the mobile phone into the right position. Just let us make a choice to use exactly the same camera but use a checkbox to let us take the shot manually and the problem should be solved (since it worked well before when this wasn't autmatic - a very long time ago now and it has been annoying all the time since the change).
  3. I can't get those tags available for the others that I share my notebook to. Neither by adding all tags to one note nor adding one tag to several different notes. I get one of the tags available but not all of them. In a couple of older shared notebooks I have several tags however (without knowing about this restriction) so there it seems that I managed to propagate more tags to the other users. I have tried to synchronize several times as well as restarting Evernote.
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