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  1. My premium subscription expires in Jan, 2019. I am seriously going to consider migrating to OneNote towards the end of the year if I don't see any significant progress in Evernote updating the product. I've used the product almost since inception and have encouraged many people to use it, however, the product has become stale, I feel a lot of the development effort has gone to the Business users and the average consumers like me have suffered. If Evernote doesn't come up with a revamp of the product, fixing all these problems with functionality and speed that have lingered now for several releases, I think you will see a lot of people migrating.
  2. In the last few releases of Evernote Windows, it seems that every time I click the Google Drive icon to attach a Drive document, the window just opens then quickly closes. The only way I can attach a Google Drive document is by pasting in the link. I want to be able to easily open up my Google Drive folder and select the file. Anyone else having this issue?
  3. I saw a new version was posted an I updated it again. Still a mess. So I once again downgraded to version 6.5. Here is what I still see as problems. Hopefully, Evernote is looking at these forums and will do something to fix the issues listed on this post. List of notebooks on the left pane is too scrunched. Give us an option to specify size and spacing. 6.5 gives nice spacing If I have a PDF expanded, double-clicking it does nothing. I have to right-click and open. 6.5 gave the ability to double-click to open The left panel is always collapsing in the newer versions. 6.5 remembered which notebook stacks were already open and keeps them open when I come back to Evernote. Each update seems to slow down the responsiveness of Evernote Windows. I use both the Windows and Mac versions of Evernote. I feel the Mac version is always leaps and bounds ahead of the Windows version. I've been a premium user of Evernote since day one. I have also been a champion, introducing many of my friends, family and clients to Evernote. I have thought about migrating to other solutions (e.g. OneNote), but I do love Evernote and with over 5,000 notes, it would be a large undertaking to do so. Please Evernote, I hope you are listening to all the comments on this forum and will respond in kind.
  4. Dave, I just "downgraded" to version and now couldn't be happier. My stacks don't automatically collapse any more and double-clicking on a PDF document that is expanded now opens Adobe Acrobat. I'm convinced that the newer version of Evernote have really messed things up.
  5. It seems that every time I update to the newest versions of Windows, thinks keep getting worse. I am running this version - (306770) Public (CE Build ce-1.39.4387) Every time I start up windows, I keep getting the "lets get started" display. I click off of it, but it comes back. Also, used to be able to double-click an expanded PDF to open it, but now I have to right-click and select open. Finally, the last release completely compressed my listing of notebooks and tags on the left with a smaller font (see attached). There is no option to put it back to a more reasonable view. Anyone see the same issues?
  6. Just installed the Windows V5 Beta. Installed just fine on Win 7 64bit. I had moved my databases in the past version and it didn't give me the option to point to where my databases were. It just installed them in the default C drive. I was able to change that after. One thing that is missing is the icons that show which notebooks are shared. There are no icons at all showing next to the notebooks. Is this done by design? I liked the blue icon showing which notebooks were shared.
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