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  1. Does Evernote have the abiility to scan a collection of notes for a certain text string and display only the lines containing that string rather than a list of all the notes with that string? Evernote has the ability to filter Notes based on tags but I would like the ability to fiter lines / paragraphs within notes using tags or keywords. Some programs such as Circus Ponies Notebook, Things, and Folding Text have similar funtionality but I would like to to use one app rather than many and I think this is Evernote's aspiration, too. I think I use Evernote the way a lot of people use it. I take notes on work projects and store them iin note pages withIn one or more notebooks. Meetings notes are typical example. A single Meeting Note entry contains multiple paragraphs -- some of which I'd like to tag on the fly and later see in a single list. A single note might contain tags I've created for all of my work colleagues. (@Rick, @Scott, @Barbara, etc.) These tags are present in many separate notes. The next time I talk to Rick, I'd like to scan through all of my notes using the @Rick tag and see only the individual paragraphs with his tag, not the entire list of Notes containing that tag and have the ability to edit the tag (or add another tag) to remove it from the next scan. Can Evernote do this now or does anyone know of an Applescript that can do this? Thanks SCC
  2. Using Skitch 2.5, is it possible to select an area that I've palnted over with the pixelate tool? So far, I've not found a way to select this area or modify it in any way. I'd like to be able to resize it, move it and, possibly, change the level of distortion or pixelation. Thanks, Scott C.
  3. I would like to find a better way to clip discontinuous strings of text from web articles to a single note in Evernote -- one note contains all text clippings from the article rather than a single note for each that later need to be merged. I want this to help summarize articles. Ideally, I'd like to invoke a keyboard shortcut to copy selected text and paste it to the bottom of an open note in Evernote in a single step and without interrupting my reading. Does a tool to do this already exist? Is there a publicly available Applescript that does this? ScottC
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