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  1. Thank you for the tips - I did not know where all these search tips were hidden. Why not simply make them easy to find with an extra search button. The striving for minimal design in EN loses a lot of ease of use in my perspective
  2. Thank you - I did not know about this - that is a cool feature. Just tried it. Works partially, here is this users experience on iPhone. 1. Tap EN (in my iPhone dock !). 2. Click on "all notes" - the "all notes button" blinks and goes slightly grey. Nothing happens for 1-2 seconds. 3. Then I get list of recent and my full Notebook structure. (Why so much white space here - such a pain to have to scroll all the time). 4. Scroll down (lagging response on scroll). 5. Click on stack needed. Scroll down (again - why is this not dynamic when I have selected it to move up). 6. Find the notebook I need in the stack and select it. Slight delay and then the Notebook is there ("Search in notebook" is nice feature that I might use sometime) 7. Tap on the Tag icon 8. Tap again on the Tag icon as it did not respond first time or maybe my fingers are too big ! 9. Scroll down again (why is there so much white space). This is an iPhone with retina screen, surely the tag list can be compressed so scrolling is reduced 10. Find the right Tag and select it (would be nice feature to have a "Tag and go" button next to the existing one) 11. Press "Done" and scroll down to the note I want 12.Tap (twice) again responsiveness seems odd on the note 13. Edit the title of the note - serious lack of response, wanted to edit the note title and delete one word and add another - when deleting the response seems around 1/2 second or so - so slow that you're not sure it has deleted the character 14. Press on "Notebook stack name" at top of screen to get back to all notes (here it would be good to have a home button on the EN "dock" where the green Add icon is) Seems to me a little convoluted. What would be nice is when on the home screen I hit "Search" icon there should be a new menu that allows selection of Notebooks and Tags. For my personal taste there is far too much white space. I know on the notebook viewing you can change this - I have to the minimum white space possible and it is still probably some 50% of the screen is empty. Would be great to have a "really minimal white space option" that would display more without scrolling all the time
  3. Hi, I'm pleased to see a continuous update of EN for iPad and iPhone. Great also to see an improvement in performance. For me with 10000+ notes this is vital and change of EN app last year (was it to iOS ver 8 ?) seemed to make a big big dip in performance - that was enough to prompt me into exploring OneNote, Notes and Together Today performance seems a lot better, still room for improvement. I have two comments: a. Especially on iPad app - there is a lot of space on left of main screen for useful buttons that are not there. My personal irritation is a lack of search with tags. Having re-structured some 18 months ago or so my notes into a small number of notebooks and lots of tags it would be nice to have a tag menu. I cannot see that option now (no visible tag list in search). Yes, I know about "tag:" search syntax but that also needs me to remember all tags. And, tag menu should really be displayed with my hierarchy that I have setup in tags and not just a flat list. Of course, a programming challenge but that would help paying customers. Would be super to add more of the old functions back in that space. b. I have continual problems between iMac, iPhone and iPad of duplicate Notes. Seems to me the sync function is no longer as robust and reliable as it used to be. Cannot exactly define the problem but I frequently get notes being duplicated when they are first uploaded to EN. I was prompted to make these comments by an email from EN asking for my feedback on the online web service - the online EN is fine - I just rarely use it. Probably spend 80% of my time on the iMac and iPad apps and the rest on the iPhone Anyway, keep on improving it.
  4. Brilliant - thank you so much. This makes life much easier. One improvement suggestion is to add Tagging option.
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