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  1. nice change on the "move note to another notebook" field to include all the accounts.. thats partly addressing the issue of ease of filing with separation of business and private. Ability to search through all accounts business and private to find a notebook by typing in the name when you are going to file a note is terrific and restores usability that was lost on the split. The note and word search has improved but is still a bit clunky (oh oh not in business, i'll now have to select private and vice versa) Could you at least provide a hint that the searched item is not in the current ac
  2. I control our company account. We have 16 users. It was my idea to push Evernote though the organisation. My staff tell me the product is not worth the trouble with the split of business and private. They say they its annoying to search for things now ... they have to search twice to find things and switching notes between private and business notebooks is now a multi step process. After upgrading everyone to 6.12 GA at the end of August, last week only one staff member other than me used Evernote. its now a pointless product if all my staff have stopped using it. Well done Evernote.. You a
  3. Hi, just noticed you removed the three most recent notebooks options from the notebook find / move a notebook drop down box .. any chance that could go back? That was very useful feature
  4. We use evernote in multiple business that are all owned or part owned by the same public company. We outsource services to them. I have just noticed that all the common notebooks we share between all the businesses have been shared at a personal invitation level. This means that all my business notebooks (i.e. compliance, HR, Legal, ad nauseam) we share are now classified as personal notes. We are going to spend our days switching back and forward between personal and business and trying to remember which notebook refers to a shared business function and which is in-house..(there ar
  5. I have stopped using Evernote for iPad because of the separation of business and private. To have to look through two areas to find information (and find which account if filed a notebook under) is just not efficient. I have a small business of 16 staff members. We use evernote for all our information storage, so I understand the need for the business to retain control of the notes that are business notes.. But most of us scan all our paper in as we receive it.. In mine it goes into a personal clippings file and I file it from there..Most of the notebooks I use all the time are set up as
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