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  1. For simple note-taking an "artificial-finger-pen", a good palm rejection and a zooming function are sufficient. For this purpose I use Notability every day, with good results. But I want to replace it with Evernote, because of the power of its searching capabilities. For sketching, drawing, photo editing, etc. iPad Pro/Apple Pencil combo would be obviously the best, but I would never buy an expensive iPad Pro/Apple Pencil combo only to take notes with a more precise pen..
  2. @gewappnet @jdriggs Evernote is for everyone with an iOS device, it is not an exclusive app for iPad Pro users. Maybe on the iPad Pro it is no need of palm rejection, but on other devices the handwriting is pretty useless without a decent palm rejection and a zooming function.
  3. Good work! Thank you very much! Now, imho, the next step is palm rejection and a zoomable canvas..
  4. The "power" of Evernote, among other things, is in its searching capabilities.. If you export your notability notes in PDF, your handwritten notes will not be "searchable". There is need of an integrated solution that also allows searching in handwritten notes.
  5. Handwriting directly in notes on Evernote for iOS is the missing feature for me. I'm waiting for a very long time.. I need to write typed text mixed with sketch, diagrams, formulas, annotations and mapping.. Like on Notability, with the “plus” of Evernote synchronization. I need that feature especially on iPad, but also on iPhone. I hope it will be available as soon as possible. Thanks!
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