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  1. Hi there, I also have the same problem like AixiA, no upload since the end of 2012 and no error. It acts like the sync is complete while it's not. I do not have any notes since last year accessible on the internet. (I also tried making a note on the website and it does not sync to my iOS). I've been searching for solutions a few months now, and have been watching this thread for a while. Making a support ticket didn't work as the website always crashed when adding the logtext. (don't ask me how that is possible, it just didn't work to contact support and yes I know how to work an a computer very well. Anyways the support does not seem to help for the people so yeah.) My thought was to wait for an update and meanwhile I could just work on my iOS on my texts. NOW, after the latest update I was thinking my problems would be solved. NO, it has became even worst. I don't have any access to my notes anymore?? As a writer, philosopher and artist I only have text notes and nothing more. No heavy things, no audio no images or photos. And it is very very important to acces my files... When I try to open a note it states this, even if I just created it: "You are not connected to internet upgrade to premium to acces offline notes" 1: I am connected but I think it states not because my note is not uploaded to the server? 2: Why would I upgrade if the app isn't working, this just made me laugh... So how can I acces my notes now?? It isn't even impossible to copy all of my notes and reinstall the app (what has been the only kind of sollution given by EN), I don't know what to do and NEED my notes very very much. Is there any way to go into the root of my iphone and find my notes? I assume the texts are still on my device but EN does not allow me to acces them. Or is there a way to sync my notes while connected by USB cable? I am not the first one, but hear my scream for help, Evernote! Because I'm feeling like I should have Never-note with your app I now have EN version On my iOS 5.1.1 Kind regards, Sieger Joostens
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