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  1. I just got my Note 8 upgrade from the Note 3 I had been using for years and I'm experiencing this maddening input failure described in this thread. The entire purpose of having a Note, and the one and only use I have ever made of the S-Pen is for wiring to Evernote all day long. This thousand-dollar investment in the future has stopped my workflow cold.
  2. I'm finding half a gigabyte in the Android unsaved notes folder. The few items I have checked are indeed part of saved notes. Why do I have all this space taken up here? Can I safely delete it all, or should I expect things here that never synced?
  3. I found Remote Wave Free played the WAV files on my Android device which had been recorded on an iOS device.
  4. It would be wonderful if voice notes were searchable, and an approximated transcript attempt was added to each voice note. I don't know if Android limitations would allow the following shortcut to this goal: record the audio AND let the Android device do its speech-to-text magic for audio notes, in a single shot for one audio stream.
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