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  1. In my case, my workflow involves a great deal of web clipping, followed by immediate work with the clipped content within the Evernote client. Even if auto-sync were quick with changes made in the client, it is not quick with syncing changes that don't originate in that client. Web clips, or changes from another client on another device, don't trigger immediate auto-sync. As a result, one of my typical workflows is completely broken in the EN-10 client. I experienced a great deal of frustration, distress and loss of productivity until I learned I could install the legacy client. I am now back to the legacy client most of the time and I would basically be out of business with Evernote if I couldn't use the legacy client, until a manual sync button is added to the new client.
  2. I just got my Note 8 upgrade from the Note 3 I had been using for years and I'm experiencing this maddening input failure described in this thread. The entire purpose of having a Note, and the one and only use I have ever made of the S-Pen is for wiring to Evernote all day long. This thousand-dollar investment in the future has stopped my workflow cold.
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