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  1. Galaxy Note 8.0 or either 10.1 are the best style devices out there. The Tegra Note 7 / HP Slate 7 Extreme are cheaper, smaller, and still better then the usual. I went with the Note 8.0 myself. My Stylus Beta is about as good as it gets for going from handwriting too text, is a keyboard app. Apps like Papyrus,ArtFlow, Lecture Notes, and ScribMaster are worth looking into for stuff more specialized than Evernote's handwriting mode. Often I will draw and then export to Evernote.
  2. The dot grid thing we have now with handwriting is pretty nice for doing quick drawings but it would be even nicer if there was a way to configure this like a "Paper type". Such as having a setting for "Ruled", "Graph", "Blank", and the background we have now. Writing text on something like this is much easier than the dot-grid thing we have now. What we have now could probably fill in for graph paper often enough though.
  3. Hmm, 100,000 notes * 100 MB, is what? Like 10 TB of storage for $5/mo? Sounds fair as hell to me to have some limits on the backend strain. I find the probability that I will require 100k notes, unlikely in so much as assuming I live that long, I can always export paperwork to e.g. Dropbox to make space, or you know, just ditch receipts I haven't needed in twenty years. 250 notebooks is something I concern myself with but I know I can easily consolidate my organization to cope, by e.g. using a "Programming" notebook and tagging entries instead of a Programming Stack with a notebook for each domain of interest and any tags of interest for cross reference. It's just convenience of scroll vs if I was smart, I'd search smarter and scroll less. Usually it's smarter to add tags but i find notebooks convenient for preventing "Aww *****, I forgot to add tag xyz to note zyx from nn months ago" syndrome. I've already got about 50 notebooks and closing in on 600 notes. My only beef is I can't do things like make a notebook called "Quux" in stack "Foo" and then make another notebook called "Quux" in stack "Bar". I have to use constructs like "Quux Foo" and "Foo Stack". That is what irks me.
  4. Option A.) Use text input. Like the handwriting mode of the Samsung keyboard or anything similar to it. Option B.) Use an app that can export your handwriting and attach it to an Evernote note. Examples include Antipaper, Quill, and others; just search for "Handwriting" in the Google Play store. Option C.) Use the Evernote Smart Notebook by Moleskine or Livescribe smartpen.
  5. Evernote can't do anything for you tomasz86. Evernote is very similar to an HTML editor and basically is like a web browser when viewing most standard notes. At best, web browsing is a good indication of Evernote performance on a device. I had a similar phone: http://www.gsmarena.com/t_mobile_mytouch_4g-3520.php'>T-Mobile MyTouch 4G (HTC Glacier). I can tell you from it's hardware performance at web browsing on Gingerbread...there's nothing that can be done without newer hardware. Clipped notes can especially cause lag for some reason even on more recent devices, like a Nexus 7 with a Tegra 3 chip. Stripping and simplifying formatting helps tremendously. Clipping all the pages http://thegalaxys3gallery.blogspot.com/2012/06/guide-samsung-galaxy-s3-camera-usage.html'>here and merging them gave me ultra lag on my tablet until I simplified the formatting in the Desktop app. Lots of wasted ***** == much more work needed to display == more lag.
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