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  1. I updated Evernote on the Mac mini and it won't start. The icon will bounce in the dock, then nothing. Any ideas?
  2. I am a notorious early adopter. I've been a premium member since they launched the service. I've been through this before and waited it out. I'll do it again this time. It's worth it, I think.
  3. Maybe they're not supposed to. I downloaded the IOS14 iPadOS app and went to a note that was nothing more than a YouTube bookmark. I tried with my finger. I tried with the pencil. I tapped all around the app page but tthe link would not execute. What am I doing wrong? Best, Glenn
  4. // I could (and probably am) a complete idiot, but the new Evernote for iPad OS shows the welcome screen, but I don't find a way to the actual application from there. I'm stuck on the welcome screen. // What am I missing?? Found it. A wee checkmark in the bottom right of the last welcome page. That was unexpected. Best, Glenn
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