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  1. I'd much rather type (or swype) than handwrite - it is not only faster but my handwrite becomes unreadable after some months - while still being able to imbue my notes with some visually-structured magic. I like to comment on the notes and pull an arrow to the right corner of the paper to sketch on an insight I've just had, a question for after-class, and even though I've been using evernote for years to organize plenty of other things, I'm struggling to keep on taking lecture notes with it, due to the lack of freedom while writing ( and the impossibility to do a quick schema/graph drawing, too).
  2. I have never used ON, but can assure you I can pretty much write anywhere while writing on paper. I am trying to stop using paper to take notes at university and not being able to write anywhere on evernote is being quite frustrating... Would love to see it implemented on tablets!
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