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  1. I am OldRuth and consequently am having problems with the videos you present for new features..They are too fast for my old eyes to follow and i can't be the only one, Can follow training videos in other products but these are useless for me.. Hope I'm not the only one
  2. I deleted some notes but they still show. I can't edit them as it knows they are deleted (shows their location as deleted) but I am curious as to why they appear at all.
  3. Tried to print but it can't find my printer and just offers me a bunch of things like Onenote .
  4. It happened to me but cleared up after a few days. In my case it only happened with stacks..good lick
  5. I had a similar problem ..my Noteboks in stacks disappeqred with no data loss but the problem has been resolved... hope yours does too,
  6. I have this problem....I have a Cooking Stack (no periods) -- on my machine all the recipes are there but just in one big glob..no NOtebooks...I checked the online version before I downloaded and the Notebooks were there as the previous user reports..What can I do ..all my Financials are messed up ..again no Notebooks in the Financial Stack
  7. I think I may have solved my problem -- Under help you can look at stacks -- they are really useful -- for instance I have a Cooking Stack and then under it I have a bunch of different notebooks on various categories i.e. British cooking, Deserts etc..I tried showing these but n luck. You create a stack by pulling a second notebook under the first notebook -- You then get a stack -- now this is a bit clutzy -- you then normally rename the stack. Since you can accidently create a stack this is clearly what I have done.. Turns out I can unstack notebooks by deleting the stack -- which is a bit scary but it does say -- do you really want to do this and you won't delete the notebooks..I would like this to be implemented a bit more intuitively. Thanks for your interest and sorry I couldn't copy mine
  8. I have been using Evernote for years but I suspect like a lot of users I get my notebooks very cluttered..decided it was time to tidy up. I have noticed that somehow I 'loose' notebooks but they are actually there but in a stack that Evernote has created. How does this happen and how can I stop it.. I use stacks but really dont want these new ones to 'appear' Thanks if someone can help
  9. Given my outdated technical skills I am going to have to print out this stuff and make a notebook -- how awful but that seems to be one way for me to solve this problem.. I can always use Evernote when I have a connection@
  10. It has interesting that Dropbox have only recently responded to their users on the same topic and there are still complaints on their site about the implementation. I presume the problem really is that both products are designed to run from a central node over the internet as opposed to being an app on our machines. I understand your comment but I still like Evernote despite this obvious flaw. Because I am not travelling all the time - it is not a killer for me.
  11. I have just built a notebook with all the info on traveling in Europe. Since I will be on places that will not have Internet connections I made this an offline notebook. Guess what... Now like so many other people I find I have no space on my phone. No problem I say put Evernote on my SD card. So it's a bit slower.. No problem..I am slow too at 83 but then I discover I can't do it.. Come on people have been asking for this for ages. I know you favor Apple stuff but there a lot of Android users out here and this is a feature we need....Others have addressed your objections...Just bite the bullet and do it fast Won't help me I will use something else.
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