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  1. Be sure to post back here if they decide to recant on this. I'm finding this fix to be rather annoying (But yes, so glad that it's at least there).
  2. Ah, yes, there it is! Sort of an akward and sneaky way to do it, but, by golly, it works! Thanks Scott!
  3. In the past I would regularly click "control > copy note link" on a note that I wanted to link to, then slect a bit of text in another note that I wanted to internally link to that first note. Unfortunately, Evernote now pastes the web link for the note I'm trying to link to rather than the internal link. After reading about what seems to be a behavior change in Evernote, I'm not sure what I can do. I know that if I simply paste the note link (instead of attempting to turn a selection of text into a hyperlink), Evernote pastes the name of the note I'm trying to link to as well as an internal link, but nothing I've tried alws me to retain an internal link when converting a text selection into a hyperlink... which is what I'm after. Does that make sense? Is there a way around?
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