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  1. Hi Again, OK! NOW IT WORKS!!! ALL MY NOTES (+2500) ARE UPDATED. AFTER ONE YEAR WE CAN NOW WORK! If I've done that with my clients... I will be dead! Now hope that we can work normally on the Surface (taking notes, synchro,..) Also anyone know is the notes are locally saved, so we can work offline, don't try fit for the moment, I will try next tuesday... I didn't found a option to set OFFLINE notes like on Android version. Nice Weekend S.
  2. Hi From Belgium, YES! 'ENFIN' after 1 year an upgrade... I've made the upgrade on my Surface and now I'm waiting , downloading all my notes.... Hope it will not crash... Wait and see in few minutes.
  3. Dear gazumped, sorry , I don't have anymore... after 10 month of no news from evernote.... (: I'm very disapointed about evernote, event if I'm a big user of evernote for Mac/IOS/Android. (premium account) Regards S.
  4. I'm sorry this has been an issue for so long, but Evernote don;t appear to be the only company to have issues with RT. Have you raised a support ticket with Evernote on your issue? If you can quote the number here we can ask someone to have a look at the current situation.. Dear Gazumped, I've done a support ticket more than 10 month ago... so..... :(
  5. Hi from Belgium, Evernote don't care about Windows RT, it's now more than 10 month that we can't use Evenote touch on a RT tablet. There is many thread about that in this forum. This morning, surprise, a update is ready on my tablet! I do it and...... SAME CRASH WHEN SYNCHRONIZE!!!! So for me EVERNOTE CAN'T FIX AND IT'S NOT FAIR! I create high level softwares for many of World greatest Diamonds companies since 30 years and I'm very disapointed that a company than Evernote with there budget and there programmers can't resolve this problem since 10Months! If one of my client have a problem,needs I resolve it fast, very fast, NOT 1 YEAR! (( S. www.diamondsoftware.net
  6. Hi From Belgium, same for me, Windows8.1 upgrade don't change anything. (((((((((((( and since 8 months now, evernote....don't car about it..... (((((((((((
  7. Hi From Belgium, Always same, last week , there was a new evernote upgrade for the Windows RT..... Crash after few seconds of notes sync... NOTHING NEW. :( :( Regards S.
  8. Hi From Belgium, starting my windows RT tablet today.... Ho! Surprise! A new update for EVERNOTE! ...Update..... Starting.... Sync...... CRASH!!! CRAZY! after 6 month Evernote company can't resolve their bugs. I begin to think that they don't support anymore Windows RT version and THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT IT... :( :( NOT FAIR! :( :(
  9. Hi From Belgium, Same for me I've upgraded my Surface 2 days ago... same problem. I've try to reinstall Evernote from the beginning to try... Same problem. (( I've more than 1800 notes in evernote, and the Surface evernote crash after 200 notes loaded... (((( Crazy that Evernote programmers can't create correctly a software on windows RT! Shame on you! it's now 6 month without using WindowsRT tablet evernote!!! Android,Mac and windows versions are really very very good but Windows RT version... ((( Stephane D. www.diamondsoftware.net
  10. Hi From Belgium, It was the first thing I've think. I've done many times uninstalling and always same problem... ((((((((((( Regards
  11. @Hardi_wb: OneNote don't exist on Mac OSX. Evernote is great because is universal and not dependant of one Platform. It's just that evernote don't care about windowsRT... ( S.
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