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  1. Recurring tasks should be a no brainer for any tasks app The power of Evernote is tags but tasks don't benefit from this power if you can't add tags to individual tasks. For example, without this ability implementing GTD is really clumsy as you ideally need a task to exist in both a project and, say, an action list.
  2. I enjoy the 'notebooks' view in the desktop app, especially the list view which is similar to the web version of Google Drive. However, in the web app it's just a scrolling list, which makes it difficult to get to what you want and especially if you have a lot of notebooks. I would like to see the web views emulate the desktop app a little more in this respect. Taking it even further, it would be great to see some notebook colour options (again ala Google Drive) and multi level stacks 'See all notes' in a stack is missing via the web interface as well.
  3. When you follow a link to a note it always open the whole notebook.
  4. There is a really simple answer to this. Create a blank note in the notebook that you want to link to. Give it the same name as the notebook. Use the link to that note in your sidebar.
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