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  1. Yes I am currently here myself. I tried to optimize my database and fix notes (Ctrl + Help menu) but not resolved. I then uninstalled and re-installed Evernote - didn't work. Logged a support call and 14 days later (after much social page posting) got a response. Fist suggestion was: Turn off SSL3 Background In October of 2014 Google found a vulnerability with a legendary web security protocol called SSL3. In order to protect our customers, Evernote decided to stop supporting SSL3 connections. Please follow the steps below to make sure SSL3 is turned off. 1. Windows Start > Control Panel > Internet Options > Advanced Tab > scroll down to Security > select (check) Use TLS 1.0, Use TLS 1.1, Use TLS 1.2 (if present) and un-check SSL 2.0 and SSL 3.0 2. Restart the computer and startup Evernote again. If the issue persists, I would like a full activity log file from Evernote to study the issue a little further. Sent the log and then had a suggestion to upgrade to 5.8 beta. Did this but still no cigar Very frustrating. Rob
  2. No Stuhrer - that's the discussion thread I pointed to above and my setting were correct. Thanks Rob
  3. Ticket number is 854191 I'm not exactly sure when it started but maybe after the last update to v Interesting some notes have synced (about 145 of 1500) and others that I have added since I reinstalled. Some of these have even synced to other devices. Rob
  4. Thanks JMichael I have also sent an email with the ticket number. I do notice that there is a thread going since late October where someone has not had satisfaction with this yet - https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/74457-synchronization-stopped-working/ It appears to be a bug I have since discovered since I posted this item. Unfortunately I live in Australia so much of the world sleeps while we are awake but I will look into the chat option. Thanks Rob
  5. So... A few years ago I committed to using Evernote Premium to store all my information - I even bought an all in one printer so I could scan and attach info. I loved it and have a sizable number of folders and tags. Anyway some time towards the end of November my Windows 8.1 PC stopped syncing. All my other devices are singing happily along but not my PC. I searched the forum and tried all of the database fix help that I could find and finally uninstalled and re-installed Evernote but alas no cigar. Desperate to solve this on December 4th I lodged a support item and got a prompt automated response informing me that i would "receive support in the order your request was received." So far no response from a human. Is 7 days too soon to expect support? Is this the normal level of response? Is one note my next option to integrate with my Office365? Fortunately my business does not depend on Evernote or I would be out of business. Rob
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