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  1. Yes, that's what I've been using. It seems to have all the functionality I need. At least it did until this zooming in thing started.
  2. Thanks for the reply. Windows 8.1 Firefox 36.0.4 Clipper 5.9.1 Res 1920x1080 no retina machine Every URL including this one(https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/82555-clipper-zooming-in-problem/) I hadn't looked at the recent versions of Web Clipper until I noticed this problem. As I said above I have always just right clicked the Evernote icon on the taskbar and then I clip the part of the screen I want. The Web Clipper addon for Firefox seems to be different to the Clip Screenshot option I have always used.
  3. I've just realised that I might be talking about something different from the Evernote Web Clipper add on for Firefox. When I want to clip an article in Firefox I right click the Evernote icon on the taskbar and then select Clip Screenshot. Before this has always been enough for me. But now I have the the zooming problem I mentioned above.
  4. Evernote clipper has always worked fine for me, but recently I have noticed that whenever I try to clip something clipper zooms in on the page and I end up with only half a screen to clip. Usually the thing I want to clip is now no longer visible on the screen. Is this a clipper bug or do I need to change some settings ? Thank you.
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