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  1. I am finding in v8.0.3.351959 running on an iPad Pro with a multi-thousand note Premium account, the content of which is downloaded for local storage: 1. Creating a new note allows keyboard text entry only after a several second lag (or sometimes not at all - the app will periodically freeze). This applies even after a power down and power up of the iPad Pro. 2. Moving from one note to another is much slower than in previous Evernote versions - the body text of notes appears only after a few seconds of delay/lag 3. text pasted into a note only appears after a sync has completed.
  2. February 23, 2013. I was just adding edits and further text to a previously created note in Evernote latest version 5 on an iPad (3rd generation, latest iOS). After a sync, a very early version of the note appeared mysteriously on the iPad. The latest version of the note was nowhere to be found in Evernote on the iPad. In an incredible stroke of luck, I was able to find the most recent version in Evernote when I went across to my MacBookPro. Apparently the edits had synced up to Evernote. However, the edits were definitely not on the iPad version of Evernote. The only solution to make the upda
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