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  1. I was wondering if anyone had any useful ideas about the ability to edit and research using PDFs across platforms using Evernote. For example, the Evernote client on windows allows me to launch a PDF file from it, make edits, and when I save the PDF the changes are reflected in the PDF file in Evernote and can then be synchronized. However, this feature seems to me to be absent from the IOS client. If I open a PDF from the IOS client, it cannot be edited. If I launch a PDF from Evernote on the IOS client in an app that can edit, the edits are not saved to the Evernote database. You have to use the third party app to save the PDF locally, then push the edited PDF out to dropbox or something, then at some point put the PDF back into your Evernote database, maybe via the Windows client. I was just curious if anyone else had been struggling with this issue and whether they had found an app, application or methodology to make this process reliable across platforms, ie, the windows client and the IOS client. Thanks for any advice you might have.
  2. For the most part, I use Chrome, so I'm not sure if this issue is just related to the Chrome Browser. When I clip a PDF page, the PDF goes into Evernote with some weird long file name with an unknown extension. If you only use the built in Evernote PDF viewer, you'd never notice a difference. The problem is when you try to launch the PDF file from Evernote into Acrobat. Because the file extension is tweaked, Windows doesn't know what program to use to launch the file. Because the file extensions are so random, you get prompted by Windows about which program to use to launch the file on most or all of the Web Clipped pdfs. It's only a bummer if you use Evernote to store a lot of PDFs and you take advantage of the fact that when a file launches from Evernote and gets edited, the edited version is what get into your Evernote database. I'm going to see if this happens in other browsers, but for now, you might want to be aware of the issue if you use evernote to store and edit a lot of PDFs that you clip. I've attached a snapshot of the prompt from Windows I get every time I launch a clipped pdf . . .
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