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  1. ios Evernote requires latest version of iOS

    The old app was a piece of *****.. Just kind of hard to believe that an app dev as large as Evernote locks into "very new" os versions. Most of the app devs that I know that develop for IOS don't develop anything requiring anything newer than 5, some even 4, in order to maintain backwards compatibility to make their app available to a wider user base. Oh well.. Just hope they don't do that ***** to the main Evernote app..
  2. I love Evernote and was looking forward to adding Evernote Food to my iPad. Unfortunately the latest version is only supported on ios 6 and the first generation ipad doesn't support ios 6. Would have been nice to have had it developed to support ios 5 for those of us who don't drop $500 every time Apple comes out with a new product when the one we have is still working great. Are there any plans to support the original iPad under ios 5 or do I just need to look at other app options?