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  1. I find I am in need for manual sorting all the time. I DO use my notes like 3x5 index cards, so the benefit is there.
  2. Thanks for the reply and support, guys. Tried it but it is very lame. You need to cut/paste?! Try doing that for 50+ notes and you will lose your mind fast! I think Evernote would do a much better/elegant job. All it needs is to have its own flash-card viewer within the app itself. It would basically generate the cards from the notes themselves...
  3. I checked a few already. But I was wondering if we can have a 'viewer' from within Evernote itself, instead of having to rely on a separate app to do that....
  4. This request applies to iOS as well. It would be nice if we can use the notes created in Evernote in a Flash-card mode from within the app itself-with the same simplicity and elegance that Evernote is known for. Which also would mean that we would be able to re-organize the notes manually if we so choose. And this not only help students to memorize what they need to memorize, but also professionals who require using Flash-cards-screen writers use paper flash cards to help them organize their script scenes according to story beats, etc. Thanks. Rg
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