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  1. I can't get my Evernote app on my Windows 7 PC to sync. Sync fails because it says that Internet Explore is in Offline Mode. I don't use IE often and wasn't able to find how to get it in online mode--whatever the heck that is. So I uninstalled IE from my computer since I don't use it. Still not able to sync in Evernote and still get that message about beign uable to sync b/c IE is in offline mode. Evernote without synchronization is worthless, so I'd really appreciate any help any of you Evernote geniuses could give me. Thanks.
  2. Was never able to get Trash to open on the Windows version, but was able to easily restore on the installed version of evernote. Not sure what was up on the Windows version, but all is well now. Thanks!!
  3. How do I open the Trash in windows on the web. double clicking and right clicking does not work. I only get the an "Empty Trash" option. HELP, please someone.
  4. I posted in a panic yesterday that I had accidentally erased all my notes. Fortunately, they are all in the trash in the cloud. I have a stupid question now. I can't figure out how to open the trash. When I click on it or double click or right click, the only thing that appears is "empty trash", which of course is the opposite of what I want to do! Thanks in advance.
  5. Wern, you have no idea how happy I was to find them there. Thank you Evernote for protecting me from myself.
  6. Hallelujah! They are in the trash in the cloud. Is there any way that trash could automatically get erased? Otherwise I'll leave it there for right now and tackle this mess I caused this afternoon when I have more time. I can't thank you all enough for your responses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. While I await your response I went to another computer that had my Evernote account running and copied all the notes and emailed them to me. I also created a new folder in Evernote on that computer and added all the notes to that folder. My concern is that when the auto sync happens, it will sync the folders as erased. {sigh}
  8. Not sure exactly how I did it, but I just erased everything. Or at least I can't find any notes in my account. Surely, there is a warning before you delete all notes?!?!?!? What can I do to get all my notes back. I have not synced. So they are still up in the cloud I hope! thanks so much for your prompt response.
  9. Yes, please move and I'll post in the right place next time. You rock!
  10. For future reference where should I be posting general Evernote questions?
  11. Grumpy Monnkey, that's what I'm currently doing, based on suggestions you made on other threads and think that's what I'll keep doing unless it won't help in the search. I can't thank you enough for all your posts about Evernote. I think I read them all and in the end adopted your philosophy. So far, so good.
  12. Thanks for your help. As I understand it, the consensus seems to be to that my default mode should be including the date (yy,mm,dd) in the title to aid in searching and to put search result in chronological order. Don't date when it has no relevance, such as recipes. By George, I think I've got it. And I posted here on this android board because it wasn't clear to me where the general topics boards were.
  13. First, I want to thank the faithful posters of this forum for helping me get started. I downloaded tons of forum discussions to Pockets and have spent the last month reading and rereading different people's organizational systems before I began. Almost became paralyzed with too much info, but finally just dove in and am loving it so far. Thank you! Now to my question. I read on this forum a couple of times that I should date each note in the title for ease in finding over the years, and the preferred method of dating was yr,month, day (ex. 130220 for today). I have been doing that, but honestly don't see how that is going to be helpful for me in the long run. What have you found. For the record, I've taken the advice of the pros that have posted here and have minimal notebooks (inbox, active, archive) and am including keywords in my titles and using a few tags when necessary. I also add the day's date to the beginning of each note, but it feels arbitrary when the note itself doesn't have any relevance to the date. Am I missing something or did I misunderstand something?
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