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  1. Yes, this is a definite problem.


    Emerick, an Evernote employee, said in this other topic:

    After pasting, you can select the pasted text and press Ctrl+Space (or select Format -> Simplify Formatting from the menubar). This removes all style attributes and font tags from the underlying HTML, which means that it should eliminate line-height properties as well.

    We don't provide a finer-grained way to adjust only the line spacing at the moment, but thanks for the suggestion.



    Hmmm, really big sad-face here... especially when you look at the date that an "emerick", an Evernote employee said that Evernote doesn't "provide a finer-grained way to adjust only the line spacing". The really big sad-face becomes more so when I realize that they've known about this problem for more than two years... and the problem still exists.


    I can see that Evernote developers are using the TinyMCE Javascript applet for it's text-editing capabilities. I tested TinyMCE on their website and it does the same thing, which is what I expected. Unfortunate.


    I've even tried this, with no success... though it "should" have worked:

    - copied the text into a new Notepad (Win7) document

    - saved it to my Desktop as text.txt

    - created a new note in the web interface of Evernote

    - and pasted it in.

    - Upon putting the cursor at the end of the line and hitting ENTER, I get a bigger than normal space.

    - I looked at the text.txt file with HxD Hex Editor and can see that line endings are saved with "0D 0A",

    - a proper Windows carriage-return/line-feed sequence AND

    - it happens if I use Notepad++ with Windows/Unix/Mac encodings, AND

    - as I saw no additional hex-codes in the file that could lead to this behavior, so...


    This suggests that it's the TinyMCE javascript editor which is interpreting the copied material, regardless of whether I select PASTE or PASTE PLAIN TEXT. I still get larger than normal line-feeds.


    Evernote, if you're listening, I'm not just using a free Evernote account; I've been using a premium-paid account since you first offered it and this has been... and continues to be... my only gripe with the Evernote app/product. There are other Javascript editors out there and, if you can't find one that meets the needs of your paying customers, may I be so bold as to suggest that you might spend less time on all these Evernote offshoots you've been releasing this past year and have your developers create their own editors that give the best to your customers... us. Sorry for the griping, but this is a truly frustrating issue.


    -- David Allie

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