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  1. Joe, Both "Account Info" and "Activity Log" are greyed out, I can't click either of them. Thanks, Dave
  2. Thank you, and sure! I open skitch by clicking the icon, then click "sign in". I then fill out the user name and password, and click the sign in button, and the error above shows up. I have tried to delete both Evernote and Skitch and reinstall, and I have them working on my iPhone, iPad and they were working on my PC. I switched from PC to MAC about a month ago, so am fairly new to this system - maybe there is a set up file or something that I'm not fully uninstalling to get this error to clear. I had the same issue in Mountain Lion and the previous version of Skitch two weeks ago, and the issue looks exactly the same with Mavericks and Skitch 2..
  3. I updated to Mavericks on my MacBook Air, and just updated skitch to 2.7, but still can't sign into Evernote from skitch. capture.tiff I also have two tickets out for this issue, neither have been addressed by Evernote.
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