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  1. Some love from Evernote Team towards Windows 8 Touch devices would be extremely welcome though...
  2. Would LOVE to see shortcuts to insert the current date+time and adding todo list bullet points in the Web clients (current and beta). That's basically the only thing I keep using the Evernote Desktop client (Windows) for, oh, and easy screenshots.
  3. Jumping on the +1 train here
  4. Totally agree that zoom should be part of Evernote on Windows 8 for Desktop. I would like to add to this that touch-to-scroll should be supported as well! The competition, *cough* Onenote *cough*, has this totally sorted. In light of the fairly popularity of hybrid devices like Surface and Dell's XPS 12, I would highly appreciate if Evernote would optimize the user-experience for us Windows users a bit more. Ps. I would love to have this feature more than any new additional fancy feature like "presenter" mode!
  5. Thank your for this workaround Jon! This was driving me a little nuts.
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