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  1. I’ll apologize if this has been covered before. I searched the forums and couldn’t find this topic. I keep 3x5 note cards on my customers. I like to use this to refresh my memory about them prior to big meetings with them. This seems the perfect thing for Evernote to handle, and I would think a template would work really well. I haven’t seen a template for this. Does anyone else use Evernote to manage important contacts? Have you developed a form or template you use? Thanks ahead of time!
  2. I've been playing around with Penultimate and figured this out. 1) with your note open like you're going to write in it, look in the upper left for the page icon (two rectangles in a cirlce) and tap it. 2)in the new screen tap the first circle (the one with two rectangles, one partially shaded). This should bring up a list of different pages you can use. My only complaint is there doesn't seem to be a way to have different pages within the same book. However, when you change the paper, your notes should stay right where they are. Hope this helps!
  3. Long time EN user. I'm playing with Penultimate now. I didn't like it when it was first rolled out. It looks like the newest version is more competitive with other apps. I would love to see this app take better advantage of the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. You support the jot stylus. Add the Apple Pencil as supported too.
  4. I like that. I'm planning on having her make a homework folder, and MAYBE a school project folder. I want her to see how to use it to focus in on what assingments she needs to do and when. I want the homework to be a shared folder, but might let her create another folder to save other things in that she's working on. However, I'm planning on giving her free reign with that notebook.
  5. I have three kids, the oldest of which is going into the 7th grade next year. I think she's at an age where I need to start showing her how to use Evernote to be more productive at school. I've seen a few articles on how to show kids how to set up an account, but I haven't seen anything on how to take them to the next step. How do I start teaching her how to create notebooks, tag files, etc, etc... Thanks ahead of time for any help,
  6. I've been a premium member for many years now. I would switch, but there isn't anything on the market that is as good as EN. I'm staying. That being said, with an increase in price comes an increase in expectations. EN has been a pretty decent product, but I don't think they've maximized it's interface, especailly on the iPad Pro. I'd like to see some new features or better layouts to go along with the big increase in money.
  7. I'm posting to this again. With the increase in fees, please start handling these issues! Give us a better iPad Pro experience! Make the layout on the screen better. Make annotation better. If you're increasing the prices, people (my self included) will expect MORE, not the status quo!
  8. I have to agree with amort. I use my iPad Pro for work and home life and have long used Evernote to organize those. The Evernote app doesn't really seem like it makes the best use of the iPad Pro. I use Evernote on multiple platforms and would love a way to set up my app view more similar to the desktop view.
  9. +1 from another premium user. I like using Mail on my Mac and would really love a Evernote plugin!!
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