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  1. I'm assuming you mean Enterprise Content Management. I'm currently working on a project to migrate thousands of pieces of content from an old, intranet-based content management system to Evernote Business. I believe that it's possible and the find functionality of Evernote Business combined with tags makes for a powerful way of browsing and getting to the content your users need. Can you give more details on the amount and types of content you are referring to?
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    It depends what you want from your CRM. Coming from larger sales organizations (Cisco and Maxim Integrated), I often hear that Salesforce doesn't add much value to the individual sales person and that it's seen as a management/inspection/reporting tool. Salespeople live in email and notes, which I believe makes Evernote a good choice for a small CRM that focuses on closing business as opposed to management reporting. Take a look at the Smartsheet to Evernote integrated. I'm thinking that it might be the right combination of structured data meets unstructured data. I truly believe there is an opportunity for someone to develop a lightweight CRM (read: management reporting/structured data) that lives on top of Evernote Business.
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    @funfunfun1 are you looking to use Evernote as a standalone CRM, or, are you looking at how to integrated with Salesforce?
  4. This is an interesting idea. The power of search is great in Evernote.
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    We use Evernote Business as to enable our customer engagement process. It's integrated with Salesforce.
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