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  1. I appreciate everyone's quick feedback. Took me a while longer to test. So, I continue to have the same problem. Any notes/notebooks created on my PC never make it to the cloud. I'm not sure what settings to check - there's not many options for syncing but just for information I've checked all of them (enable sync notifications, sync changes on exit, sync in the background, sync auto). I manually took all the notes off my PC that weren't in the cloud, placed them in the cloud and then I deleted the application from my PC. I reinstalled the application on my PC and all the cloud notes were there so I haven't lost any content, but tried creating a new note again and it didn't sync to the cloud. This is not just bad habits of not manually syncing frequently enough - I'm trying to sync and it doesn't work. I notice that when I press the sync button, it only spins for a second and then the synchronization complete windown pops up but it doesn't sync! Not sure what to try. It's becoming a deal breaker though because I take quick notes on my PC more frequently then I thought. And I will add again. Created a notebook in the cloud, added a note - synced to the PC no problem. However the notebook I created earlier on the PC still wasn't on the web. Also, went into the notebook I created in the cloud on my droid, made some edits and synced that to the cloud again and that posted to my PC no problem. But still no sign of the notebook/note I created on the PC. I noticed that on the web client, under the settings/applications section it says I have authorized Evernote for Android, but it doesn't say iPad (which works fine) or PC. Should it? Where do I go to add that? There is no place to add a service on the web client that I can tell.
  2. I feel like everyone is having the exact opposite problem I'm having. New notes created on my PC will not sync with my droid. I can trace this back to October 2012. I don't believe I've successfully created a new note on the PC and had it display on my droid. However, notes created on my droid sync to my PC. Notes deleted from my droid are deleted from my PC. In addition, some of my older notes that are on both devices sync without a problem - when I make changes to old notes on my PC they sync with my droid. I uninstalled and reinstalled the application on my PC but it still doesn't work. Tthe PC doesn't seem to push the content to the droid. I will also add that I typically take notes on my iPad and can see those notes on my droid and my PC. Since I don't typically take the notes on my PC I didn't notice that it hasn't been syncing.
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