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  1. I already have Safari's preferences set that way, so that's not the issue. As I said earlier, the web clipper was working fine for months then just stopped. I can't wait on Evernote so I've been using the OneNote web clipper instead. It actually works.
  2. Folks have done a lot of good work to come up with ways to fix this. The problem is, and Evernote is not acknowledging it, these solutions require USERS to uninstall potentially many things, clear out low-level (relatively speaking) files, then execute various restarts and reinstalls until finally - hopefully - the Evernote Web Clipper works. (And those results seem a little mixed as to success.) Casual users who just expect products to work likely will not do this, or worse, end up breaking something they can't fix. While I am a fairly experienced user, this is too much of a pain when I can just use the One Note clipper to do the same thing for the relatively few items (in the big scheme of things) that I actually clip. Sure, it means I have to use a separate app to view them. But that is less intrusive (for me) than trying to fix something that is not designed well. A better approach, if Evernote would think of users first, would be to provide an update that replaces the (obviously) defective version of the Web Clipper and as part of the installation process clears out the files no longer needed by the extension. There is just something wrong with a solution that requires me to uninstall extensions from companies A-E in order to reinstall a malfunctioning version of an extension from company F.
  3. Followed solution steps as described above. Clicking on the web clipper still does nothing. Not sure what happened within the past few weeks but it used to work flawlessly. Now, nothing!
  4. I logged an incident with the Evernote Support Team for this issue well over a month ago. The good news is they have told me they have been able to reproduce the problem successfully on a consistent basis. So it IS an obvious bug. The bad news is they told me there is no timetable for correcting the problem. I confirmed this with them a couple of days ago when following up on their progress. I was disappointed to hear that this is not being looked at since I would consider PDF annotation a fairly significant piece of functionality. I can only suggest that others experiencing the issue log an incident as well. It may not be important for Evernote to look at this problem just for me. However if we get more incidents logged perhaps then it will be worth their time to look at.
  5. For what it's worth, I have encountered exactly the same issue today. It has been a couple of weeks since I had to annotate a PDF, and had never had an issue. However when I tried today I kept getting that same error mentioned above consistently. Using Evernote 5.5.1 for the Mac. Any solution in the works? I use annotation often.
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